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Deuces takes the edge off the day. For me it’s a mood booster, & helps me lock in/focus on the task at hand.


Deuces is better than a glass of wine. One gummy can either give you a better night’s sleep or calm the mind so that you can actually relax. Huge fan of Deuces! GAMECHANGER.

Deuces has been a tremendous help for my anxiety.   It’s especially very helpful for me when on a flight. I’m usually a very nervous flyer.  Never calm enough to rest on a flight.  That has all changed with Deuces.  Now i fly and am calm enough to sleep before the flight takes off. I highly recommend this product.

Kareemah Majeedah

Deuces Gummies are smartly packaged with catchy color coordination and the product itself is superior. It has more than once actual use because I primarily use it to increase my appetite and it’s an healthier alternative than prescription drugs used for the same purpose. This is a Great product which helped me increase my weight and subsequently my quality of life.

I usually don’t write reviews but this time I just had to make an exception. DEUCES!!!, I got to admit, that you’re the shit and I’m digging you like a grave!! Loll!! True statement guys, I’ve tried other Delta 8 products….vapes, gummies, etc! All were cool but hands down, this product has been CONSISTENTLY the BEST!!! It doesn’t matter which product you choose from the website you will not be disappointed, PERIOD!!!

C. Cofield….Greensboro, NC

As someone who struggles with getting enough sleep, I have tried almost every over-the-counter sleep aid available with little to no success. A friend recommend that I give DEUCES a try and I have not looked back! I started taking DEUCES to help with my sleep issues but soon recognized that it was also helping with my overall anxiety and mood. In addition to DEUCES being a quality product the company’s customer service is FANTASTIC! I received my order in record time and the packaging was impressive. I am so glad to have found this product!

Erin Jackson

Finally a product that combines great taste and effect, i think this is exactly what we needed, i love it!

Smoke Times Smoke Shop
Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products.  I love the Delta 8 gummies!  I’ve tried many different brands but yours are hands down the best.  Great customer service, easy ordering, fantastic communication and a phenomenal product!  I’ll be a lifelong customer and I’ve told all of my friends about it.  Thank you!
I have had back pain the better half of my adult life. I have tried several things to help alleviate my pain and as with most treatments your body becomes used to the treatments. I recently became apart of the medical marijuana community and found that it helped but it’s very costly. It’s a hit or miss with all the different strains of marijuana being sold. Then I found a product called Deuces and it’s just what l’ve been looking for. It has been a game changer. It reduced my pain significantly, helped with my insomnia and helps me get through my day with little to no pain. Yes! I would recommend Deuces! No more hit or misses, no more long lines and most importantly the cost is not breaking my bank. Trust me you won’t regret it!
Charles Welborn